Sponsor a Surgery for One Patient

Give the gift of sight to someone less fortunate than you. From clinic to post-op, it only costs $334 to fully treat a patient.



Pre- and Post-Operative Eye Drops for One Patient

Can't afford to support a whole procedure? Luckily you can provide the eye drops necessary for preventing infections of the eye and ensuring a successful treatment.



Accutome Tono Pen

The AccuPen is an accurate, easy-to-use, portable, and versatile tool that is essential for intraocular pressure (IOP) screening.



Sponsor a Mission

Send a medical team to perform approximately 80 surgeries consisting of cataract and glaucoma procedures.



CataRhex3 Portable Phacoemulsification Machine

These portable phaco machines are the essential tools that enable us to operate on our patients. Women for World Health needs 2 to be able to continue our work.



Cataract Surgical Instruments

Our own set of surgical instruments for extracting cataracts would reduce our reliance on other non-profits for future missions.



Portable Biometer A Scan

This device provides six essential values for cataract surgery very quickly, and the auto tracking and auto shot capabilities make acquisition speedy and straightforward.



Portable Microscope

Not all host hospitals will have the microscopes necessary for performing delicate eye procedures. Women for World Health needs 2 to ensure we can work in any region that requires our help.



Portable Autoclave Instrument Sterilizer

Autoclaves perform instrument sterilizations before a procedure. With the break-neck pace of our surgery schedules the organization needs one that's quick and can be relied on to run all day.



Sony a7 III Mirrorless Camera with Lens

A camera allows the organization to document a volunteer trip in its entirety, and helps bring attention to our cause.


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