Sol Khazani, a founding member of Women for World Health, brings a wealth of experience to our team. He has been a successful entrepreneur all his life. He is a co-founder of U.S. Auto Parts, the largest on-line auto parts company in the nation and has been one of their directors since January 2001. During his tenure with U.S. Auto Parts Sol has served as Chairman of the Board, Chief Financial Officer and Vice President. He is also co-founder of several other corporations. Sol is a self-made man who began building his fortune by selling bumpers out of the back of his car. He remembers what it means to struggle and to need help.

Sol brings compassion, generosity and business experience to our Board. He contributes to many causes but now, in his semi-retirement, Sol wants to participate at a deeper level. Sol has worked side-by-side with Women for World Health team members. In his words, “I have seen these women at work. Their teams include both men and women and they just get it done. I have accomplished more in a two hour meeting with this Board than I have with most of my other corporations. These women power through and make things happen. I am honored to be a part of their team.”